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We'll pick it up and drop it off!

DPF/DOC Cleaning

Only $200.00 EVERY DAY!!

  • DPF Pneumatic Cleaning 

  • DOC Pneumatic Cleaning (Was $100.00 Now FREE!!!)

  • Thermal Regeneration If needed (was $100.00 Now FREE!!)

FREE Next Day Drop Shipping Available on Select Filters, if ordered before 2:00 pm

Keep a spare DPF on your shelf.
Buy 1 Roadwarrior Aftermarket DPF Filter
and we will clean your dirty filter for FREE!!

 Advantage Fleet PartsHD uses FSX DPF Cleaning equipment which is the ONLY DPF Cleaning Equipment in the market to earn Endorsements from Major OEMs as the preferred solution for cleaning their DPF and DOCs.
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